Saturday, February 25, 2012

There's Always Time for Sex

Although I haven't written a post in over a month, I have thought about this blog quite a bit. I've also thought about finishing the second novel in the Wizard and Spy series, though I must confess, I've thought about that less.

I feel guilty because I have had readers email and ask me when the next volume is coming out. I've had requests for author interviews. And I have done nothing!

Imagine a very loud sigh here.

What does this have to do with sex? Well, I've always felt that we find time for those things that are important to us. No mother  ever fails to find time to feed her child.

If you ask the person you're dating, "Do you want to have sex?" they aren't very likely to say, "Oh, I'd love to have sex with you but I just am too busy."

Maybe there is an age when people get like that and I just haven't reached it yet.

So, what have I been doing instead of writing the next book of Wizard and Spy? Well, I've been writing. I have a contract for a non-fiction book, an invited conference paper and a project proposal for one of the coolest technical designs I have seen in years - the fact that I wrote it doubling the coolness factor.

What does it say about me that I set aside my novel to write a non-fiction book? That I'm motivated by money?

Why don't I get up at 5 a.m. and write? Well, because it's 5 a.m. for God's sake!

I have a really good friend who helped me put this in perspective. His comment was, "So the hell what? You're not on a deadline for this other book. You're writing it because you want to write it, right? If you don't feel in the mood for it after a long day at work, then do it when you do feel like it. It's not like someone is paying you to do it."

I was going to suggest that makes writing sound even more like sex - but I didn't. He's not that good of a friend.