Friday, December 30, 2011

Random Thoughts in the Day of an Organization Woman

This used to be my life ... a random page from a journal of my peon days ... it's definitely nice to have moved up in the hierarchy ....

What the hell? I went to three restrooms on two different floors and every one of them was out of sanitary supplies. If this was something men needed you had better believe they wouldn't always be out. Yet, when you go into the restrooms in any gas station or quickie mart you always can find condoms in the machines. They're never sold out of those. What does this mean, that the average man or woman has sex less often than once a month?

Today I was going into the elevator as our division vice-president was coming out. He gave me a quick look like, "I think I am supposed to pretend to know you."

I did meet him during my orientation week where they take you around to meet all of the top brass so they can act like they care that you're there. I've never spoken to him since.

I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut more. I think that is the biggest key to success in this organization. I am very well-qualified for my job and no one has ever complained about me. On the contrary, people write my boss and say what a great job I do on a pretty regular basis. I've been asked to address a few industry meetings as an expert in my field. Still, I am regarded a little suspiciously as having a bad attitude. Sometimes I can't control myself. A manager wanted to call a meeting of six people from three different departments so they could talk about having a meeting. I thought only in Dilbert did people have a meeting to discuss a pre-meeting. I asked why they didn't just have the meeting and get it over with and everyone looked at me as if I had suggested building a nuclear reactor out of discarded chewing gum wrappers.

We have not had enough people promoted in my area during the time I have been here to really have figured out what the determining factor is in getting promoted. I suspect that it is sucking up.

Like most organizations this size, there are many people who are hired as contractors. I am one of the lucky ones to be a full-time employee with benefits, 401 k and all the rest. While contractors come and go at whim full-time employees are difficult to dislodge with anything short of a sledgehammer and a subpoena.

From my reading of other blogs, it seems that there are certain pathological types that are endemic to large organizations. I thought it was only here but then I read blogs describing someone and I would think to myself,
"That's Joe the Parrot! How can he work there, too?"


"They have a Mary the Psycho, too!"

I'll have to write about those next time, since it's late and I have to get up and go to work in the morning.

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