Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm doing my own novel writing month

I know that National Novel Writing Month is this month, but I just can't do it. I have two business trips this month and, on top of that - drum roll please - completely by surprise a publisher is interested in a NON-FICTION book I am writing with a friend. So, interested, in fact, that when a friend of a friend casually mentioned the book to an editor at the firm, they contacted us. It appears that we may need to finish this book sooner rather than later. A bit of a shock, but a pleasant one.

Yes, I know I was going to take the month of September off, but I had the chance to do enough overtime to pay off a lot of my bills. For the first time in my adult life, I will owe under $10,000 for EVERYTHING - car, student loan, credit cards - EVERYTHING. I had the chance to do some more extra work in November, too, so my goal of being completely debt-free is getting closer and closer.

Maybe owing $0 is a Philistine goal when one could be writing the Great American Novel, but

  1. I never said I was writing the Great American Novel in the first place, what I do hope is to write a good story people will enjoy reading, and
  2. Who said National Novel Writing Month has to be in November anyway? (If you are tempted to Google the answer and fire away in the comments that it was Writers' Digest, or whoever, please do be aware this is a rhetorical question.
So,  I am declaring December my own novel writing month. Anyone else who is busy in November and/or who gets a long Christmas vacation is hereby invited to join JuNoWrMo -- Julia Novel Writing Month.