Friday, September 30, 2011

Denae Engages in Diplomacy with a Small Demon

Another random page from book 1 of the Wizard and Spy series

Musca buzzed up a couple of feet higher in dismay. Now he was flying overhead instead of regarding her face to face.
“No, bad idea, very bad idea. He’s a growing boy. That one will eat you. Or even worse, he’ll eat me. Or, he’ll eat you for dinner and then he’ll eat me for dessert. Or, he’ll tie my wings together, and save me for later and then eat me as a snack. No, very bad one, that. Very bad idea. I am not going to do it.”
The young woman regarded this display of cowardice with disgust, “Well, you gave me your boon and now you have to do it.”
The imp rolled over laughing nastily, “Listen, girlie, I just came here out of curiosity. You know why you never hear anyone say, ‘A demon’s word is his bond’? Because it’s not!”
Denae had learned early on in life that two things a spy should always have and be able to use well were a knife and a rope. She had learned to use both of them very, very well. Musca’s laugh was cut short as a noose seemed to leap through the air and tightened around his neck. The soldier yanked hard on the rope pulling him toward her. He stopped with his eyeballs a hairs-breadth away from her knife. She was definitely not amused.
“Now listen to me you little pile of pond-scum. You are going to take me to Andalon and if you don’t, I am going to cut out both of your eyes and have them for lunch, since they seem to be the part on you least likely to make me throw up. Then, I am going to cut off that nose, mouth, whatever that thing is of yours dripping mucous just because it disgusts me. Finally, I am going to pin you down by your wings and let the ants devour you.”
Musca gulped.
 “There aren’t any ants around here,” he corrected.
The young woman was floating a couple of inches off the ground now. Under cover of shaking her fist (with knife in it) at the imp, she had swallowed a small amount of Lucia’s levitation powder. Denae was fairly sure that it was only possible to hold an imp by magical means, and she did not want Musca to begin to suspect the truth that she had no magical ability whatsoever. The imp, who had begun to suspect exactly that, and begun to fade out, faded back into complete substance as the young soldier’s feet rose off the ground. “All right, all right, I’ll take you within sight of Andalon, and after that I am out of here!”
“Coward,” Denae muttered under her breath.
“Stupid,” Musca muttered under his.

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