Sunday, August 28, 2011

Writing in the Shower

When I started writing the Wizard and Spy series,  it was my writing version of singing in the shower. I had to stick with writing because I cannot sing.

Imagine seeing nothing but this for the next 14 days. Think it would be great?

Try it and you will understand why the Chinese saying, "May you get what you want" really is a curse.

No Internet. No book stores. No library. No bars.

I'm reading a book on writing by Sol Stein who says that no one writes just for himself. Obviously, Mr. Stein has never spent much time in a place where there is absolutely nothing to read.

Yes, I wrote the entire first three novels of the Wizard and Spy series just for me. Publishing the first book wasn't a problem. It had been sitting on my computer for a few years. One day, I got motivated, put it up on Smashwords (it took me about 4 hours), put it on Amazon on the Kindle and done.

(It's still not in paperback yet because I need to re-take the photo for the cover art.)

Reviews have been positive. I've gotten several nice emails from readers.

I have people asking me when the next book will be available.

  If I could just leave the second book as if it was written just for me, the answer to that question would be "Four hours after I publish book 1"

Book two takes up where book 1 left off.

After all,  *I*  knew who all of the characters were and what had happened before this book. I wrote it. My challenge is to rewrite chapters so that new readers are not totally lost.

For example, the Captain's family all seem like nice, sympathetic characters, especially the middle children - Guillane, Jennat and Totten.

So, when you get to the chapter where they are keeping a gnome maid as a prisoner in their house you say, "Huh?"

Unless you read the first book, in which case it all makes sense that Mimi is locked up by this perfectly nice family and she doesn't even know the reason why.

I'm making the shift from writing for me to writing for people like me. This is taking some editing for the next two books in the series to make it work. The fourth book is going to be quite a bit different because I've been writing it with the intention of publishing it from the very beginning.


Incidentally, if you write fantasy and have not checked it out, I'd highly recommend as a good place to get feedback.


  1. When I write, I sometimes have an imaginary reader floating around in my head, reading over my shoulder in my mind's eye. So, in a sense, I don't write just for me. I also write for imaginary friends :)

  2. I like that image - writing for your imaginary friends. I'm going to try it