Saturday, July 2, 2011

My book is out !

My book is out!

Wizard and Spy -  Book 1 - The Ex-apprentices on Amazon



I can't believe I did not think to post about this before. To top it off, I noticed I just got my first review on Amazon and it was very nice. No, it was not from my mom. I'm steeling myself for the first negative review which I'm sure is inevitable. I've never seen a book, no matter how terrific I thought it was, that someone did not think was the worst piece of writing since the invention of paper.

I did the Amazon e-book first because it seemed simpler. After downloading an entire book on formatting for smashwords I was worried it would be hard to find the time. The book, by Smashwords founder Mark Coker, was really easy to read and he was true to his word. It really did take me only a couple of hours from start to finish to have my book converted and uploaded.

I actually already have book two written. Short version of the long story - my cruel corporate overlords often send me off to places so remote that thoughts of civilization cannot even reach me. There are no bookstores, no library, but two TV channels devoted to fishing. They tell me there are business reasons for me to go but I suspect it is because they secretly hate me. While in East of Nowhere, I have plenty of time to write, so I have three light fantasy books completed.

After publishing the first, I realized if someone besides me was going to read these I'd need some sort of segue between each book. Right now I am re-writing the beginning to the second book rather than just assuming the reader has read book one.

Maybe I'm making a mistake doing the self-publishing route, but it seemed far more time-consuming to send hundreds of letters to publishers and agents, along with synopsis, sample chapters and whatever else each one wants. I sent out a few but it seemed this was quicker.

What I've written lately:


It was a bad dream. She’d been having those a lot lately, every now and then about life with Da, the screaming, the cursing and the beatings. A few had been about her old master Cysotte almost dying after defeating Ravidan’s demon and getting into a battle with the mad wizard himself. Lucia groaned and rolled over. Why couldn’t she have good dreams? Would that be too much to ask? She could dream about holidays with her friend Denae’s family. Those were good times, except for when the two gnomes tried to kill them and a huge grayish-white demon appeared and took away the corpse of the one they killed.

She pulled the blanket over her head, still not wanting to get up. Why did apprentices have to be up so early in the morning? It just wasn’t fair. She ought to have been a wizard by now anyway. Lucia closed her eyes, determined to go back to sleep. She could dream about her wizard proof, how she had created summer, at least for a small swatch of this cursed north land, with flowers and little pixie-centaur creatures that had never been seen before. Even though the pintaurs could be – okay, always were – damn annoying, they were still her very own creation. She would have passed her wizard proof, too, if it hadn’t been interrupted by Alphonse showing up missing his hands. Ravidan had taken them. Said he needed them. She was sure Alphonse would have voted to approve her wizard proof, after all, he had gotten his for creating the flying monkeys.

Lucia tossed and turned some more. It’s not like anyone was going to listen to Alphonse after he had thrown in with Ravidan in trying to take over the world and kill off all of the rest of the magic folk. Lot of good it had done him, Alphonse that is. He was hiding out now with his one remaining flying monkey, disgraced and served him right. Her time with the Thuy was rather nice, although she did not at all believe their story about being descended from the reindeer. Well, except for the part where she had turned into a giant drugrat and Ravidan had tried to kill her. Lucia sighed resignedly and rolled out of bed.

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